Monday, 28 March 2016

So this is Easter...

It is the Easter bank holiday. Currently three days (just, I’m writing this at 23.04 on Sunday night) into my six days off.

I never know what I’m supposed to do at Easter. Christmas is easy: eat a tiny chocolate every day for a month, cover everything with glitter, watch the Christmas episode of The Good Life, eat a million pigs in blankets and sing Fairy Tale of NY. Easter has chocolate eggs and the vague feeling you should eat roast lamb with your family.

My Easter so far:

2 x family meals
1 x fitting into a dress that I thought was too small
16 x Outlander episodes
1 x houseguest
3 x tiny Lindt bunnies

One of my oldest friends is staying with me at the moment, so I have taken the opportunity to make her watch Outlander. I don’t think it has been too arduous for her because:

Perhaps binge-watching Outlander should be my new Easter tradition? 

Lots of people do DIY over the Easter weekend; perhaps I should be inspired by them and use future Easter weekends to make a million dresses? 

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