Monday, 11 April 2011


I saw this No to AV video earlier this evening:

I was almost sure it was a spoof!

This video tries to convince us to vote against AV by showing us the terrible coalition government we would end up with if we changed the voting system:
"The really great thing about a fudged coalition is that neither of us need to carry out a single promise of our election manifestos!"
"Of course the best thing about AV is never having to say we're sorry or to pretend that we care"

This is the government we have at the moment! Who are they trying to kid?!


  1. OH NO, our voting system won't be like the completely humane sport of horse racing, or gambling- we're not going to gamble on who our elected officials are anymore?! For shame! Also, everyone in the entire country is too thick to figure out the voting system. Thanks for that...

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  3. It has to be the worst ad ever