Friday, 1 March 2013

this is 24

I haven't died or forgotten how to read or how to blog or anything, I have been awol because of my yearly existential crisis and I've been chucking out clothes and going through all my stuff and thinking A LOT. So much thinking. All because....
I am now 24. 

TWENTYFOURYEARSOFAGE! How did this happen?

What’s it like to be so very old?

Well I dress like a puritan now (this is my birthday dress)
my eye looks really creepy here and I think it adds a certain something

I wear lipstick lots now because I am a serious grown-up 


My face is FINALLY, reliably, spot-free (most of the time... touch wood) thanks to this £3 serum from Superdrug that's probably already discontinued.

I have dyed my hair red (very badly – it looks almost like it’s been tie-dyed)


I’ve also been incredibly hungry since my birthday. Is this why people gain weight as they get older? Or did I stretch my stomach with all the ferrero rocher?

And then there is the existential crisis which is very complicated and time-consuming. I have some posts in mind about it so I might write some stuff about it (all about feminism and identity etc.) but it could end up a bit ranty and incoherent. 

I have also added to my TBR pile:


Now I better go and catch up with my reading...


  1. What IS it like to be so very old though? Must we all dress like puritans at 24? Because *I'm* going to dress like a hippy on my birthday, and probably forever.

    Damn you and your spot free-ness. (I LOVE YOU. Oldie.)

    1. Dooo dress like a hippy! It isn't a requirement of being ANCIENT that you dress like a puritan, it happened by accident!

      I have a tiny spot on my nose now which is PUNISHMENT for vanity!

  2. The existential crises get worst when you get closer to 30! I liked this post. Consider me intrigued. =)