Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Apparently I'm not going to sleep...

Last night I dreamt that I owed the bank hundreds of pounds, it was so vivid and awful that I am almost too scared to sleep! WHAT! Even writing that now I can see how crazy I sound!

Here are a few things that are on my mind at the moment:

1. This is sadly true
Slutwalk Toronto 040

2. Seven-year-old Frances would be very proud of my purple bedroom.

3. I like my peppermint nails, even if the colour is sooo last year

4. I want some honey

5. And a cup of tea

6. I love Spiral. I wish I had learned French so that I could look away during the gross bits. Someone keeps being called Tintin! this makes me happy but I still haven't worked out which one Tintin is yet...

7. I need to write some proper blog posts.

8. I need to realise that everything I feel restricted by is mental, I can break out and I can fully become myself. 

9. Mike shot Paul Young?

10. Will Dad go to work tomorrow? Or will he TORTURE me by being at home alll day?


  1. To be fair, you do owe the student loans people thousands and thousands of pounds... This is obviously something that is going to make you feel better! lol

  2. Oh wait, also, mike shot Paul young? Really?! That's interesting to me even though I dont watch desperate housewives anymore cause it's stupid... Lol