Saturday, 28 May 2016

Ultimate Fran

One of my weird habits is writing lists of the things I want to do and the qualities I wish I had. I write things like, ‘I will only wear outfits that make me feel awesome. I will always wake up with plenty of time to do my hair nicely and put on some makeup. I will read more books. I will stop buying things from Primark.’ I call the person who lives like this Ulitmate Fran. Ulitmate Fran is who I would be if I just grew up and got on with stuff. (Do I sound super weird now?) Ultimate Fran Is who I would be if I didn’t waste my life watching Netflix.

I think I am finally becoming Ultimate Fran.

Today* I have been to work, cooked dinner (eating only a reasonable amount, and not so much that I feel uncomfortably full), watched a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls (our current Box Set project), spent 30 mins on the exercise bike, and now I am writing this. I have also finished my current audible book (Royal Blood from the brilliant Her Royal Spyness series) and all day I’ve been thinking about overhauling my wardrobe using the Wardrobe Architect system from the Colette blog. 

Most impressive of all, yesterday I made a doctor’s appointment within half an hour of getting a voicemail about it, and without panicking about it at all. It’s almost like I’m a proper adult! I know that normal people will wonder why I’m so proud of making a phone call and saying, ‘Thursday at 9.50 is would be perfect.’ Those normal people don’t know me.  

It’s sad that it’s taken me until 27 to realise that I do have willpower and control over myself. If I want to achieve a particular thing, I only have to decide to do it and then get on with it. It’s like some part of me woke up and decided that my lazy stupor had to end and that I should stop sitting around expecting things to happen without any action on my part. I think my change in attitude has a lot to do with the sunshine and the longer evenings that help me to believe anything is possible. I’m just going to keep going and before long actual Fran should be Ultimate Fran.  

*I actually wrote this on Tuesday 

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