Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Things happen blah blah blah

At this point I think of my blog as a magical time capsule that my grandchildren will one day read. 

These  are the three things that dominate my life at the moment...

UNO: House Hunting

Amazing text from my Mum
Despite having basically no money and feeling like a seventeen year old pretending to be a grown up, I seem to be house hunting with Paul. We’ve put in offers on houses, we’ve seen mortgage advisers and we are on first name terms with estate agents. It’s terrifying and ridiculous and I’m sure it will all go horribly wrong. I just want to have kittens and a washing line and paint the walls and put up pictures and all sorts of joyful things like that. I am desperate to make a house gorgeous and have little kittens and sit in my lovely house with my beautiful kittens. I’ve gone a bit mad.

I have rediscovered Sims! I finally worked out a way of getting installing my copy of Sims on my cd drive-less laptop. I was a bad choice. I stayed up till nearly 4AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning because of Sims. My main new sim is doing very well – she’s got married, had a baby, written 2 novels and been promoted 4 times. I’m quite jealous of her.

TRES: GIlmore Girls

So I started listening to the Gilmore Guys, a Gilmore Girls podcast by two guys. One is a Gilmore fan and one is a Gilmore newbie. It is hilarious and awesome and they genuinely love Gilmore Girls but are not too precious about it to criticise it. Naturally I’ve started watching it again. My main thoughts about it:

I still love Luke. I could write some seriously pervy fan fic about him.

WHY is everyone white??

Lorelai is super weird

That's the last little bit of my life. I leave you with this beautiful picture of Paul and I from a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. 

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