Friday, 7 August 2015

Can I speak to the home owner?

So I have had a bit of a weird fortnight. It was payday on last Tuesday and I celebrated by buying a bottle of wine…. Oh, and losing my purse. That was fun. I have my replacement cards and a new purse now but it looks so sad and empty without all the loyalty cards and all the general tat that I’ve yet to replace. 

But the big news of the week was - - - OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED AND WE ARE (hopefully, touch all the wood) BUYING A HOUSE! Provided all goes well and the bank agree to give us the mortgage and all that stuff... I am convinced that it will all go wrong. I'm just going to prepare myself for the worst and do what I'm told by the bank and the solicitors and everyone. There should definitely be a better, simpler way to deal with house buying but I suppose they like so keep it confusing and mysterious so they can keep charging more and more money for things. This week has been an incredibly stressful crash after the excitement of last week. We had a problem which meant we couldn't go ahead with the first bank we had approached - due to their stupidity rather than a problem on our part. But this meant we had to start the process again. I nearly had a full breakdown this week before we made our mortgage application. I just keep reminding myself that it will all be ok in the end, even if we don't get the mortgage we won't die or have to live on the streets. 

I have been distracting myself by.....


Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women by Carol Dyhouse

Isn't this cover magnificent? I have only read a little of this, I am dipping in and reading a chapter at a time. The first chapter about white slavery was fascinating. The public became so whipped up into a frenzy of fear about white slavery that a whole generation of women lived in fear that they would be kidnapped at any moment. The cause of white slavery was taken on by suffrage campaigners and anti-suffrage campaigners alike, the panic over white slavery coincided with the growing women’s suffrage movement, and there was even a special department set up at Scotland Yard. However it was a panic over something that didn’t really exist, at least not in the way the public were lead to imagine. There were young women in sex work and there has been sexual exploitation as long as there have been humans, but the type of kidnap an exploitation described in the popular press and sensational novels of the period simply did not exist. It makes you wonder how often this type of baseless moral panic has happened and how often it still happens to this day. 


Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries - Netflix 

Set in the 1920s about lady detective Phryne Fisher. She a total babe with a perfect bob and excellent lipstick. Phryne Fisher marches around Melbourne saving young women from terrible situations, solving murders and having sex with beautiful men. I know I’m not the first person ever to watch this but I have to confess I was slightly put off because it’s set in Australia and I was worried it would be all dusty and like a Jazz Age Home and Away. It is not and I feel bad for even thinking it. 


Vanilla Chai 

When one of my co-workers left for a new job and she left behind her collection of tea. One of these teas was Vanilla Chai. I tried it just because I was curious about how it would taste but I thought it would smell nicer than it tasted and be disappointingly twig flavoured. Perhaps expecting things to be disappointing makes them tastier? Either way, the stuff smelled like a Yankee Christmas candle and tasted cosy and comforting. Vanilla chai is the kind of thing that should be enjoyed while wearing Christmas leggings on the sofa and watching a costume drama and the terrible weather outside. I am getting seriously Christmassy. I have already made two Christmas decorations!

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  1. Fingers crossed with the house buying! I remember the anxiety and nerves of that process only too well ...