Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bras for the well bosomed

Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice - where my boob fixation started... 
I am developing an obsession with bras. I’ve had a complicated relationship with my boobs throughout my life. I longed for cleavage when I was a little girl (I blame Jennifer Ehle in Pride and Prejudice). However, once I started to get boobs, I was less happy about it. I have spent so much time crying in the underwear sections of department stores, having to buy horrible bras designed for old ladies instead of the sweet little bras designed for teenage girls. Now I’m 27 (insert your favourite horrified face emoji) I have learned to love my boobs. This love manifests itself as an obsession with bras.

My tips for finding excellent bras when you have a DD+ bust:
One: The internet is the best thing that’s ever happened to people like us. Although it is getting easier to find decent DD+ bras on the high street, they are often much more expensive than ‘normal’ sized bras. My advice is to go online. It might seem weird to buy a bra online if you like to try them on first, but most sites have really good return policies so you can always get a couple of different sizes and return any that don’t work for you. I recommend Brastop, My Curves and Me, BelleLingerie, and, of course, Figleaves.  The first three all offer really good discounts on the big brands, and they often have flash sales and special events.
Two: Buy bras from brands that ONLY make plus size bras. They know what they are doing. They produce the best styles and the most comfortable bras. If you buy a bra that comes in a large range of sizes, you’ll often get a bra that looks completely different to what you saw in the picture because they have altered the design to accommodate the larger bust. My favourite brands are Curvy Kate and Freya.
Three: Wear a bra that fits! I have previously bought bras too small because I couldn’t bear to buy the one that was the right size. Do not do this! A bra that’s the right size will look good and make you feel awesome! No one else needs to know what size your bra is, and you’ll forget yourself when the size has washed off the label.
Four: Don’t even think of getting a minimiser bra. I wore a minimiser bra until I realised that’s the least flattering thing to do to your tits. A well fitting bra that lifts your boobs will have a much more minimising effect than an actual minimiser bra.  

See my Pinterest board for some of the bras I'm lusting after at the moment:

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