Monday, 16 March 2015

Terrible Movies from Netflix:triple bill

I had my birthday week off in february (I am 26 now and still in denial about it). Instead of arranging lots of lovely things to do, I found myself sitting around in my pyjamas a lot. It was like depression but I don't know why I would be depressed… I probably didn't eat enough… ANYWAY. On one of these days I struck upon a beautiful vein of random Netflix movies.

It started with They Came Together starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. I had seen that this film was on Netflix and I knew I had to watch it because of the title and cast, but I knew it had to be watched alone because it would almost certainly be demented and not something to inflict on another person. It was hilariously demented. I loved it because it was an affectionate send up of Nora Ephron movies and starred Amy Poehler but I can also understand why it has 1.5 stars on Netflix. The film is basically an overgrown sketch – Amy Poehler runs a tiny independent sweet shop in Manhattan (New York is like another character in the movie!) and Paul Rudd works for a company called Candy Research Solutions (or something similarly sinister) who are opening a superstore around the corner. His job is to ruin her business and yet they fall in love. Does this sound familiar?

I would watch They Came Together again in a minute but I know that I would be instantly embarrassed if I watched it with another person.

Next was A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce) which starred Adam Scott (ie. Ben from Parks and Recs) as an adult child of very bitterly divorced parents. Amy Poehler plays his step-mother which is why Netflix suggested it to me. Netflix knows what it's doing when it suggests film purely based on Amy Poehler being in it. I watched this film by accident because I thought I was clicking on A Case of You (below). Carter (Adam Scott)is a successful restaurant owner who accidentally gets his parents back together when he's helping organise his brother's wedding.  I don't very have much to say except that I enjoyed Jane Lynch's appearance in the movie because she is excellent. And Amy Poehler because I love her face.

The final film I watched purely because it was called A Case Of You which I hoped (in vain) would be a Joni reference. This movie starred Justin Long as a frustrated Brooklyn novelist who writes the novelisations of terrible vampire movies. Like Greeting Card Writer in 500 Days of Summer, Writer of Books Based on Terrible Films is a job the character moans about but I think sounds awesome and would do in heartbeat. Justin goes to a cafĂ© a lot and a girl called Birdie works there with Tyrion Lannister as her boss. Justin likes her but rather than just talk to her like a normal human, he decides to find her on facebook and become her perfect man, This is incredibly ridiculous as she is annoying anyway and it's the kind of ridiculous movie plan that no one would do in real life as it would obviously NEVER WORK. I know it's a film BUT COME ON! How could anyone think it would work? And if it did, he'd have to pretend to be someone else FOREVER or come clean about his creepy creepy lies. This film should be renamed MEN ARE CREEPS. The only bright points in this film were Peter Dinklege and references to Joan Baez. 

So yeah, I know how to waste time on Netflix and then drag it out by writing a blog post about it. 

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