Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello 2015


Some years come too early, January feels pale and undercooked and the date still looks wrong when you write it in April. 2015 is not one of those years. It feels like it has come at the correct time. I am ready for it and I'm going to make it excellent.

I was going to write this post earlier but I have been busy watching Netflix, eating, or too grumpy about being back at work. It feels right to write it now we've had a week to see how it feels to be alive in 2015.

Here are the things I want for my 2015:

There are other things I hope for in 2015 – to find somewhere else to live, to find a new and more fulfilling job and/or become queen of the universe. But these are the things I want to make time for every week in 2015. I feel a little silly writing a list of resolutions that includes wear more lipstick and take more selfies, but it's about changing my attitude. It's about selfie care and enjoying being me. Does that make sense at all? I'm pretty tired.

HAPPY 2015!

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