Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pre-Christmas Christmas: 5 Christmassy films aren't actually Christmas Films

Apologies for the bad picture... I just feel like all posts need a picture, even if they are bad as this..

Full disclosure: I am listening to Christmas music while I write this because I am a hypocrite.
It's not yet advent and I am going crazy for Christmas. I have bought and started to use a Christmas mug, I've bought 2 pairs of Christmas print leggings and I'm on the lookout for things that I can watch and enjoy that are not technically "Christmas" things. Christmas needs to be kept just for Christmas or it won't be as special... but the same time I still need the childlike glow of Christmas joy to get me through until I've got an advent calendar and I've started calling each day Christmas Eve's Eve's Eve's Eve (etc).

Here are the films I watch to feed my Christmas Spirit before December when I can just sit with a tin of Quality Street on my lap and watch Elf 24/7:
  1. Meet Me in St Louis. Meet Me in St Louis is the best of these because it's about a family over a whole year, so it's not really a seasonal film but it just happens to contain the most heart-warming Christmas scene in all cinema – Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
  2. Little Women Little Women is Little Women, you all know about little women. The film has a few Christmases in and what would be more cosy and heart-warming than the story of the March sisters? I always stay up and watch it on Christmas Eve when everyone else has gone to bed. 
  3. You've Got Mail I shouldn't need to have to tell you why you should want to watch this film. Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan, bookshops and some hilariously 90s emailing. It's all about big chain bookshops ruining the world and also love.
  4. Frozen Is there anyone who hasn't seen Frozen? It is the best because there is no mention of Christmas (that I can remember) but there is singing and ice and sisterly love. Perfect for dark Sunday afternoons.
  5. Bridget Jones Diary This film begins at Christmas time and all the important things seem to happen at Christmas and in the snow.
BONUS LOOPHOLE FILM: Love Actually. The opening scene is 5 weeks before Christmas and therefore it's clearly fine to start watching it already. But that depends on whether you can bear to watch it. You just need to get over: people calling Martine McCutcheon fat, the idea of Hugh Grant being prime minister, the whole creepy Andrew Lincoln/Keira Knightly thing and the fact that nearly all the characters are horrible, and those that aren't will make you cry (I'm looking at you, Emma Thompson, Laura Linney and Liam Neeson)

See also: Harry Potter and Grelims. 


  1. Awwww the Christmas bit in You've Got Mail is so lovely and sad. Frozen is everything- I want to make my housemates all watch it together sometime in December :)

    1. YAY. I'm very keen to make Paul watch You've Got Mail but he is being a grumpy git about it.