Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Random stuff I found on Netflix: Girl Most Likely


I chose this film because this was the blurb: 'After staging an unsuccessful suicide to get her boyfriend's attention, a struggling playwright moves back home to live with her mother and two men.' and Kristen Wiig because DUH. 

I love any film that starts with someone's life falling apart and them having to go and live with their mother, so much the better if their mother is played by Annette Benning. I also love finding films that I have never heard of but are full of famous people/people from other things that pop up and make you go IT'S THINGY FROM WHATSIT!!

Here is a list of people (I remember) from the film:
Blaine from Glee
Nicky from OITNB
Phoebe's dad in Friends
Sadie from New Girl
Sophie from Frances Ha.
Plus Kristen Wiig, Matt Dillion and Annette Benning.


Imogene (called Kristen Wiig from here on because that name is so dreadful it made me sad and distressed each time I heard it) was a promising playwright in her young adulthood but by the time takes place, she has become the person who writes blurbs about other plays for magazine and lives in a very fancy apartment with her apparently very rich boyfriend. 

The rich boyfriend dumps her and she loses her job. Like anyone in a ridiculous film, she decides that the best answer to her problems is to fake a suicide so that her boyfriend will realise he loves her. Shockingly this backfires. She ends up rejected by her "friends" and back in New Jersey with her mother. 

Here I expected her to have some montages, meet some quirky hometown people and then rebuild her life, possibly falling in love in the process. This did not happen.

Firstly she gets home and discovers that her room has been rented out to Blaine from Glee and that her strange loner brother is in love with Nicholls from OITNB. Loner brother is also troublingly obsessed with crabs and has built his own metal crab shell for humans. 

She discovers that her whole New York life was a lie and that maybe her mother isn't as bad as she had believed. Her mother is dating Matt Dillon who claims to be a CIA agent. 

Then she discovers that the father she thought was dead is actually Phoebe's dad from friends and also a massive dickhead.

Finally, a scary guy with a gun turns up looking for a Matt Dillon and she saves her whole family by wearing the crab shell suit thing. 

My favourite thing about the whole film is that a) Blaine is in a Backstreet Boys tribute act AND b)it's no big deal that he sleeps with Kristen Wiig even though she is 41 and he is 27.

Fully, fully, bizarre and I loved it. 




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