Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blood Sisters by Melanie Clegg

I haven’t forgotten how to read! I just keep watching Game of Thrones.

Last week I finished Blood Sisters by Melanie Clegg (known as Madame Guillotine on twitter and her blog). I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this review. Book reviews are hard because I just want to go I LIKED IT! READ IT! This one is definitely more of a record than a review... 

Blood Sisters is about 3 sisters during the French revolution: twins Lucrèce and Cassandre, and their more rebellious younger sister Adélaïde. The book moves from sister to sister as they marry other aristocrats and experience the Reign of Terror first hand. The book is basically romance and gore... and a fair amount of guillotining. I read Blood Sisters in 2 days, thinking “I’ll just read a litttttle bit more and then I’ll do something useful.” It is so readable and engaging and thankfully free of the glaringly obvious historical inaccuracies! You can tell that the author has spent years researching this topic and it really makes a difference.

I’m now off to read lots and lots of short books to make up for being about 10 behind on this challenge... oops.

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  1. The French Revolution book! Yay! Also, you have a sparkly new top thing! That's awesome! I AM EXCLAIMING SO MUCH!!