Thursday, 18 April 2013

Podcast Addiction

It's got to the point where I am unable to undertake any boring task without a podcast to distract me. Here are my all-time favourites:

Title is pretty explanatory – although it’s not always stuff I missed in history class when they do British history like Guy Fawkes. There are a zillion of these podcasts and I have listened to them while washing up and cleaning and trying to get to sleep. 

It seems a little bit ridiculous to tell people they should listen to This American Life – like saying, have you thought of reading some Austen? But you should definitely be listening to it. Just listen to it. 

Originally from Portland, Brenda Dayne podcasts from Pembrokeshire where she lives with her partner Tonya and various animals (including the chickens Elinor and Marianne Dashwood). Brenda has a wonderful voice and is a knitting genius. I don’t understand half of what she talks about but I love listening to it. She has convinced me that I definitely need to learn how to knit socks and jumpers... if only I could afford the wool/was anywhere near that skill level. 

Feminist analysis of pop culture. Just reading that makes my mouth water. 

Desert Island Discs is the greatest radio programme ever created. I have written of my love for it before and you should listen and love it too. 

Radio 4 usually makes me want to stab myself in the eye – why be happy when you could listen to radio 4? Blah blah blah. But they do make some hilarious comedy shows. Each podcast is one of the comedy shows from the previous week so you can enjoy the comedy minus the risk of hearing a bit of PM or You and Yours.

Sheryl and Amy have an imaginary manor house where Helen Mirren is the housekeeper and Ryan Gosling is their always-topless gardener. General chat and silliness. 

This is completely insane and incredibly gross and rude. I can’t begin to explain it. 

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  1. Yes, I know all about This American Life... LOLJK I can't listen to things! My favourite sounding one of these is the Popaganda one. Because, you know, YUM.