Wednesday, 19 September 2012

In which I reveal my unhealthy obsession with Caitlin Moran...

Caitlin Moran’s new book Moranthology has just come out and I still don’t have a copy.
I am not just torturing myself like a crazy, I do have a proper reason for it – I AM SEEING CAITLIN TWO WEEKS TOMORROW. I will actually be in the same room as her. There will be no tv or radio or computer screen between us. I am more excited than I can express. I am going with Laura and all of our conversations have become variations of: CAITLIN CAITLIN! I CAN’T BELIEVE WE GET TO SEEEE HER! Our tickets include a signed copy of the book so I’m fairly excited about that element. Our main plan is to get her to adopt us and get us drunk in the pub. We can live in hope. 

Luckily, Caitlin is EVERYWHERE at the moment, so it’s pretty easy to get your Moran fix if you don’t have the book or can’t go and see her in the flesh.

Here are some things to amuse you:  

5)  Caitlin on Annie Mac’s show last night (this will only be up until wed 26th)

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  1. *Reveal* your unhealthy obsession?! Hehehehe CAITLINNNNNNNNNNNN