Thursday, 27 September 2012

No More Page 3

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I'm not writing this because I believe I have any great insights or revolutionary arguments to make, I just wanted to write this to add my voice to all the others. So many supporters of page 3 go, “most women don’t care about page 3" or "loads of women love page 3!" I want write this as evidence that there are plenty of women who DO care.

Here are some reasons page 3 should go (there are MILLIONS more):

1. On a personal level, I feel there is a direct link between the objectification of women on page 3, and the men who feel they have a right to yell and whoop as they drive past me. On a much more serious level, there is a direct link between the objectification of women in our media and society, and violence against women and girls. Surely this is more important than perves getting to drool over some breasts?

2. Tits aren't news. There is no way they need to be at the front of a daily newspaper.

3. The fact that it’s been going a long time is no reason to keep it. Slavery was an institution, we got rid of that.

4. It alienates women and makes them feel uncomfortable. The very few times I have looked at the sun, I have felt quite sick as a quickly turned past page 3. It makes you immediately feel like your body is there for others to judge. It says: Women, you are just a garnish on top of the important stuff. Look pretty and shut up. Not attractive? You don’t have large yet magically perky breasts? Fuck off then.

5. There is no real argument to keeping it. If it didn't exist there is NO WAY that you could argue for its introduction.

Umm, well, I think there should be some bare breasts in the paper.
Um, well, I think our readers would like to see them.
But this is a newspaper. If people want to see breasts, they can buy a magazine for that*.
Yea, but I like breasts.
Good, I like breasts too.
But we need to have more women in the paper! We could ask a different woman her views on the news and feature her in the paper...
...and she could have her tits out!
I like to look at them?

If I'm having a clear out**, I (try) to go by this rule: If I didn't own it already and I saw it in a shop, would I have to have it? If not, I chuck. Same applies to page 3.

Sign the petition here. They also have t-shirts! Buy me one here (the link is right down at the bottom).

*magazines like Nuts etc, are a whole other issue. **I know idea of me having a successful clearout is hilarious to people who know me IRL. 

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