Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Barbra Day

Today was just a normal bank holiday - too many people in the house, no proper plans, we've all eaten too much chocolate and the weather is too grim. I was feeling like a bored and sulky teenager until I saw that a GENIUS at the BBC decided to show Funny Girl followed by The Way We Were! I rechristened today Barbra Streisand Day and there was much rejoicing! 
I urge you to go and watch some Barbra films and worship her as well. 

The trailer for Funny Girl:

The trailer for The Way We Were:

Deleted scenes from The Way We Were (scenes that make the film make sense):

p.s.If you are in the UK you can watch Funny Girl on iplayer here

1 comment:

  1. Bleurgh too many people in the house- I am so needing Charlotte to go back to work, for reals.

    Obvs I can't allow yesterday to have been Barbra day because, you know, it's MINE, but yay that she brightened up your Easter Monday!!