Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Laura and I are going to see Rainbow Rowell in a couple of weeks so I thought I should read her books! I have already read Attachments and I seem to be holding off on Eleanor and Park, so it was the turn of fangirl. 

For some reason I thought Fangirl would be about a fan fiction writer who somehow met her characters, or people exactly like them, and that as she wrote her fanfiction she would be manipulating reality like a kind of waking Marianne Dreams*. This is not at all what Fangirl is... but someone should totally write that book. 

Fangirl is actually about Cath (Cather), a college freshman and fanfic writer. She is a twin (her sister is called Wren. Cather and Wren, get it?), the quieter, shyer, and, she believes, plainer twin. Obsessed with Simon Snow books, a Harry Potter-type series amusingly set in Watford. She writes slash fiction about simon and his nemesis Baz - think Draco/Malfoy. Cath would rather stay in and work on her fanfic masterpiece Carry On Simon that go out and be a college student. 

Naturally for the world of fiction, Cath manages to meet a super hot guy who likes her WITHOUT EVEN LEAVING HER ROOM. And while this is fun to read about, I can tell you now that you don't get to have a interesting and fun life by sitting around in your room and hoping that someone will pop by. People won't seek you out, they will just write you off as a loner weirdo and no one will spend time coaxing you out of our room - like a little life advice for you. But it is still nice to believe world where awesome guys can find and fall in love with you wherever you are. 

This review is making it sound like I didn't like Fangirl which is not at all true as I loved it and read it super fast. Despite my comments in the previous paragraph about how unrealistic it is that someone would find an fall in love with you without ever leaving your room, I did enjoy that part of Fangirl. I like that Cath is not a standard 18 yr old, she isn't interested in partying and drinking, and that is ok. She is still a person deserving of friendship and love, she is still interesting. But most of all, I loved Levi. Levi was super hot. 

In conclusion, Fangirl has a) made me sad that I never got deep onto Harry Potter fandom because there must be some excellent fan fiction out there. And b) made me want to write my own dirty Fangirl fan fiction. like seriously, Levi is really hot. Why does 18 year old Cath just want to hold his hand all the time?

*This book must have made a very deep impression on me when I was a child because I mention it all the time. 

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