Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Week

Copying Laura, I have decided to write a weekly Sunday post about my week. I am trying to blog again. I have lots of ideas for posts I want to write but I am always over think it and stop posting. I once wrote a massive essay about cupcake feminism and craft and stuff – but then I spent so much time writing it and then re-reading it… and then printing it out so I could write on it with pen that it never happened.
Stuff that has happened this week:
  • I attended a vigil for Gaza. I thought there would be candles and speeches but there was a flag and complete silence.
  • I finally went to the Turf Tavern with someone from work. I drank a ridiculously expensive g&t and tried to explain to him that Jane Eyre is a feminist masterpiece and probably the greatest novel of all time. On the way back I found a wall with I <3 INTERSECTIONALITY chalked on it. It wouldn't show in a photo but it was awesome.
  • I got to go to the dump for the first time. Something I found exciting because I am an idiot.
  • Found out that I am actually pretty good at my job… even though I find it deathly dull and it has brought out my already very strong misanthropic tendencies.
  • Adopted this as my motto: I believe in music and gin and joy and talking too much, and human kindness.(from How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran) TBH this already a pretty good summary of my belief system… except for the human kindness part…
  • Had a lovely impromptu dinner party with a friend
Resolutions for next week:
  • Finally henna my hair. I have been meaning to do this for about 6 months. I was going to do it today but then I had an impromptu dinner to cook and although our guest was an old friend, I thought it would be weird to spend the evening with my hair wrapped in cling film.
  • Finally take advantage for one of my work benefits and join the gym at a really cheap rate so I can go swimming all the time.
  • Sort out box room so it can become awesome office of dreams.
  • Start taking more selfies. I want more pictures of meee (I'm vain like that). I see so many bloggers who have cute pictures of themselves everywhere I want this tooo. I always look shit in photos but I think it's a case of practice makes perfect.
  • Wear better outfits – especially to work. Partly for the sake of the aforementioned selfies, and partly because I want to look more awesome in daily life!
  • Write blog posts on How to Build a Girl, Landline, The Punk Singer and more
Laters... hopefully with some of those magical things called photos!

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