Monday, 4 August 2014

Recent things

This happened:

This is a very large chunk of Didcot's identity being blown up. I know that lot of people don't understand why so much fuss was made over the demolition of what they consider to be eyesore and a symbol of the damage that we are doing to the environment. But for the people in Didcot and surrounding areas, the power station is just a local landmark. I've always found the towers pleasing. How will I know when I'm nearly home after a long journey?

My July Lucky Dip Club box arrived and included this rather awesome budgie bunting:

My Ikea delivery arrived and it was all damaged causing me a LOT of distress. But it has now been replaced by not broken pieces:

I have been obsessed with listening to chick lit on audio book. I have listened to Chances and Rumours by Freya North and The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne. Supposedly I am reading Rosemary's Baby but I can't stop listening to comforting chick lit. It's not like I need comforting especially, but there is something lovely about someone reading to you – even if they are recorded – and having the predictable but still satisfying love stories play out while I do the washing up. Also, Freya North is well filthy… well, filthier than your average chicklit which is usually bizarrely sexless.

At the moment I am just listening to Jeff Buckley's versions of We all fall in love sometimes and The man that got way. Every now and then I listen to Jeff too late at night and just sit there feeling intensely sad that he is dead and I never got to see him live/sleep with him.

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