Sunday, 1 December 2013

I'm not dead


Do you find that there are some Christmases where everyone just that little bit more excited? Everyone I’ve spoken to seems pretty excited this year, even my boyfriend who works in retail and does 12hr shifts in the week before Christmas has expressed a decent amount of Christmas joy. My theory is that Christmas should be about every 18 months or so, that way we would all be properly excited every time it comes round.  

This year I am pretty bloody excited. I’m not sure if it’s down to the Christmas theory, or if it’s down to employment meaning that I know I can buy everyone decent presents, but I’m completely obsessed with Christmas at the moment. I have already bought myself some Christmas pyjamas and eaten several slices of Christmas cake from boots. Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas Goes on Holiday is calling to me from the shelf and I really, really want to watch Love Actually (sorry Laura).

To make you feel happy and full of festive joy, here is Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs:


  1. :O The whole of Father Christmas online!! That is one of my favourite Christmas things ever ever ever! (YES I am absolutely feeling the Christmas joy this year, I think it's definitely a thing.)