Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas! Blogvent!

So I’ve decided to try and blog every day until Christmas. This is ridiculous after not blogging for about two months but I don't care. I am such a weird blogger because I really don’t know what I want to do. Part of me wants to be Elsie Larson, part of me wants to be like Laura, and write a million book reviews and make lots of blogger friends, and part of me wants to be super political and clever. These things don’t go together very well!


Paul and I have both taken the week off to celebrate his extreme aged-ness (he’ll be 25 on Friday) and we are going to be doing various silly and Christmassy things. Hopefully I’ll get lots of opportunities to wear my new hat.

Today is going to be a pretty laidback day. I’m about to make myself a magnificent brunch of potatoes, beans and poached eggs and then I’m going to do housework while I listen to The Luminaries (which I’ve just downloaded from audible). Then this afternoon Paul and I are going to stuff our faces and watch Harry Potter. I really know how to live. 

I may even post an outfit picture later. 

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  1. Good luck blogging every day :) You're the fifth blogger (myself included) who has started trying to get back into blogging in December. I think it's a good month to do so :)

    Love that hat very much - I want one!