Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pre-christmas joy continues with CRAFTACULAR Excitement

Yesterday I bought some tickets for the BUST Craftacular raffle because I get obsessed with raffles and tombolas and convince myself that will I definitely win (it worked before). I bought a few tickets... but the prizes are awesome and it's for charity so I just thought of the money as a donation! Here is the little video of the raffle prizes:

But what is the BUST Craftacular? It has nothing to do with Bustcraft, as one of my Facebook friends seemed to think (I say that like Bustcraft is a thing, I really hope it isn’t). The Craftacular is a craft fair organised by feminist DIY/pop culture/fashion magazine BUST and so it's a gathering of really awesome people on a Sunday afternoon.  The second I walked into my first Craftacular I thought THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.  

Some of my people... they have no idea who I am....
It's become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me and I have been for the last few years (although I missed last year due to being extremely broke). It's quite near the beginning of December and a good excuse to spend a day in London doing christmassy stuff. It's unique among the craft fairs I've been to because it feels properly curated and all the stalls come together as a whole. Sometimes craft fairs are a little disappointing because there isn't a lot of atmosphere or all the sellers have really similar items. It can feel like you are shuffling around a room, going from table to table and seeing the same type of thing at each one. This is something I've never experienced a the Craftacular where there is music - provided by DJs - and always somewhere to have some cake. 

But the magic of the Craftacular isn't just the wonderful stalls, there are also workshops and classes teaching things like hat-making and tie dye. Here are my hands taking part in one such workshop a few years back:

this a a photo I've stolen from the Bust website but I feel like it's ok because they are MY hands...
Have I convinced you that you should go?? 
Entry is only £2 and if you are one of the first 100 people to get there you'll get a goody bag. And when you have finished at the Craftacular you should head across the road to the V&A Museum of Childhood because it's really lovely and free!

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