Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

This year International Women's Day is making me want to make lots of cool t-shirts like this one. I'm thinking I could embroider FEMINIST KILLJOY across a t-shirt? 

Be nice to the women in your life (and to yourself if you are a woman)

There is an International Men’s day but you missed it because men don’t really need extra championing and celebration.

We need feminism and International Women’s Day because misogyny kills. Everyday women and girls are murdered and beaten because of misogyny.

(if you need to be convinced further: read this and look at this and this and this and this for just the tiniest sample of the feminists get angry about and you should be angry about too) 

p.s. I've started reading bell hooks Feminism is for Everybody and there is a (possibly naughty?) PDF of it here

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