Wednesday, 13 June 2012


(This is incredibly rambling and pointless but there are lots of pictures - including one where you can see a cleavagey-shadow)

A trillion years ago I won a competition to be chauffeur driven around London for the day, have a £150 lunch and a £100 Selfridges Giftcard. Not too shabby for Frances. 

It was all very surreal because they only chose the winner the day before, so I had no time to get used to the idea or properly plan the day or really have any expectations about what would happen. The surrealness didn’t really wear off and I was worried it would feel like it hadn't really happened. (Weirdly, I thought "I bet I've won" the second I saw a tweet saying they were picking the winner.)

So we were met at the station and went to places in the car & played with the fancy HP laptop.... blah blah blah. On to the important bit: THE FOOD! The meal was at HIX in Selfridges and it was so perfect. I was sitting there, munching away on the yummiest food, drinking champagne and feeling properly, properly happy for the first time in ages. That whole lunch is now my happy place. The food was so good and the waitress was completely lovely and it was FREEE!

that thing on the right is rice pudding...even if it does look like a beef burger surrounded by frogspawn

Between us we had:

Two glasses of champagne, two Mighty marbled Moyallon rib eye steaks (with chips and béarnaise sauce), green beans, two glasses of red wine, black rice pudding with mango and passion fruit, a slice treacle tart, a coffee, a pot of tea and an espresso.

It was the best meal I’ve ever had and I’ll probably never recover. 

The last part of my prize was the £100 voucher. On the day I was completely overwhelmed by the massiveness of Selfridges and all I managed to buy was a £25 Clinque foundation. So I took the giftcard home and kept it in its pretty box and all but forgot about it...

The other night I was browsing le internets and thinking about my love for Tatty Devine (as I do A LOT) and I remembered that they had done a collection for Selfridges (and a crazy-expensive collection in silver) Then I remembered I still had £75 to spend at Selfridges. I danced about with GLEEE and ordered some stuff....

Nearly ordered this Cat Tiara, but then I decided it might be a step too far (especially as I was wearing my cat kigu at the time...)

But in the end I went with the slightly more sensible Ruby Necklace and Diamond Ring (and a MAC lipstick in Russian Red):

the pretty packaging (doesn't the one on the left look like a hamburger)
The end. That pointless story that was just an excuse to show you my tits new tatty devine jewelery. 

p.s. My Mum totally thinks my mad jewellery collection with be really valuable one day. I think not, but I'll use it as an excuse to get lots and lots.

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  1. I have SO many pictures of you that are way more boobish than that (please ignore the creepiness of that, but also, it's trueeee!) and also, THAT NECKLACE LOOKS SO AMAZING ON! Also that rice pudding totally looks like a burger. I think I've firmly believed it was a burger until you just said that.

    Love the lovely things for Frances :)