Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I know that this is not a popularly held view, but that’s only because people are fools... and most people don’t have their birthday in February!

I do get why people hate February, it feels like the winter will never end and the only thing we have to distract ourselves is Valentine’s Day, which people hate as well! I only like it because it’s the day after my birthday which means that I get to have 2 days of presents (lucky Paul) and I get to have lots of unnecessarily heart-shaped things! From where I’m sitting I can see a heart-shaped bucket, a heart-shaped mirror, a heart-shaped tin, several hearts on my wall and 3 scarves with hearts on... oh dear. *update: just seen a heart picture frame*

I’ve decided that this February is going to be the very best so far. The sky is a beautiful colour today, I’m feeling hopeful and it might even snow soon!

Here is my contribution to your Fabulous February:

A little Beatles playlist because they are obviously not on spotify or grooveshark (what can I say? they need the money)

and another playlist (because I like making them) 

February by Frances Scott on Grooveshark

p.s. If you get bored have a look at my photo-a-day for February on Instagram
p.p.s. Don't judge my age from my music choices...I'm going to be 23 (shit) not 55


  1. February is EVIL! But at least it's short :). IT'S NEARLY YOUR BIRTHDAY, HOW EXCITING!

  2. It's lovely.