Thursday, 14 April 2011

That can be my next tweet

I am addicted to yes that can be my next tweet which generates tweets by mashing up previous tweets. I have to stop posting them on twitter because I look insane! SO here are some of the tweets it generated for me:

the post abolished by government are breasts.can we had a pop tart! Are they nice?

We are scum tories are a pop tart! — Gosh Tories try to get this afternoon! Does a spiced shepherd's pie!

Gosh Tories try to eat a pop tart!

HAHA! @SarahKSilverman: TAMPON. Need to get this hen house and they were estranged!

Of course! well of course YOU would have melted into action! I'll help! can make people think advocaat?

I wanted! Not boys. did you yawningly go ahead? of course YOU would but u want to buy my religion!

Poor Kurt! I think it sniff Re-organising my bra all day! This is Mormonism. hahahahaha seriously scary.

I had my brother by wearing too much red food colouring you like a pop tart!


  1. Jesus Christ, how much have you tweeted about pop tarts?!?! Brilliant though :)

  2. Hehehe I think I messed it up by posting too many thatcanbemynexttweet tweets and so the same things got used over and over!