Saturday, 7 May 2011

I just wrote a (hopfully not too) ranty e-mail to my MP about Nadine Dorries' ridiculous sex education bill.

Basically, Nadine Dorries (anti-abortionist nut job and tory MP) has tabled a bill proposing that girls, just girls, are taught to say no to sex.

There are so many problems with this bill: 

1. Makes it seem like it's all the girl's choice, guys will always be trying to have sex. If she gives in then any unwanted consequences are all her fault.
2. Reinforces the idea that male sexuality is natural and normal but female sexuality should be controlled or is wrong. The same way that a promiscuous man is a ladies' man and a promiscuous woman is a slut. 
3. What does it mean for gay teenagers?
4. Does this include masturbation and all other forms of sexual activities - i.e. all forms of sex and sexual exploration are wrong. 
5. How does it deal with the statistic that one third of teenage girls are forced into sexual acts by their boyfriends? Telling girls to say no is the same as teaching "don't get raped" instead of "don't rape". 
6. The bill talks about teenage boys "insisting" on sex which paints all teenage boys as sexual predators and doesn't consider that the girl maybe the one insisting. 

Read this to find out more and then write to your mp, there's a good blog reader. 

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  1. That's sickening. I agree with you 100%!