Monday, 13 April 2015

Happy Monday


Today is the first day of my week off so it's another good Monday and I have no need to cheer myself. It's good enough to know it's a whole week until I have to go back into that office and see my smirking, smarmy boss. I HAVE SIX FULL DAYS OFF NOW.

How can I describe my week in a way that makes me sound sociable and normal?

Most of my week was spent going to work and coming home again, the latter was quite nice. I went to the pub on Thursday evening with a couple of people and the weather was so good. I can't get over how wonderful the weather has been and what a difference it makes.

Weekends are for eating and I did a fair bit of it. On Saturday Paul and I went to the pub for lunch and I had a massive burger. I looked it up later and the burger contained more calories than I am supposed to eat in a day. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with one of my Lauras. We ate cake, talked, and played with her extremely cute new rabbit (see above) while we watched North and South. I don't think you could really want a lot more from a Sunday, especially as I finished off the day by having a roast dinner with my family.


Things that are bringing me joy this Monday:

The continued spring cleaning of our flat. Is that sad? We've just renewed our lease but just for 6 more months so I want to make the most of the good things about this flat while we are still here. I don't enjoy the spring cleaning itself, but I do like the results.


This nail varnish – Hold 'Em in Revlon Gel Envy. This nail varnish has a lovely formula and doesn't chip too easily. I am obsessed with the dark, ashy purple (is ashy purple a thing?) and I'm going to pick up some more colours. I keep holding my hand against different patterns and colours because this colour goes so well with all the things I wear.

On Wednesday one of my Lauras is coming to visit. This Laura, the one who tricked me into signing up for race for life. We are going to visit all the important places – Atomic Burger, £3 Bookshop, Bodleian Library, and my lovely home.

I'm about to start reading The Hourglass Factory. The blurb promises mystery, suffragettes, corset fetishists, circus freaks and an intrepid girl reporter.

We are also planning on visiting the zoo. And I might finally get a haircut that really reflects the awesomeness inside of me.

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