Sunday, 4 March 2012


(from my birthday - the mess is PRESENTS)

I can smell my roast dinner and I have a glass of gin & tonic to hand so it can only be Sunday!

It snowed today. SNOWED. IN MARCH. What the whaatt?! It was just raining so I ignored it and the next time I looked there was sleet, and then the sleet got bigger and floatier (yes, that is a word) and it was properly snowing. (unfortunately I have no pictures of this because I am really bad at taking pictures.)

Something about it being Sunday is making me feel reflective and goal-makingy (but unfortunately, not articulate).

This week I will:

ONE: Finally finish the three or so blog posts that I’ve been writing FOREVER but never actually finished. These include my rant about an article on “cupcake feminism” and my review of Bossypants.

TWO: Dye my hair. I am currently doing the boring allergy test to make sure I don’t drop dead when I dye my hair. By this time tomorrow I shall have “flaming locks of auburn hair” ala Jolene.

THREE: send some scary emails. 

As an apology for the boringness of this post, here is the first part of the first episode of the wonderful Victoria Wood sitcom Dinnerladies.


  1. SCARY EMAILS?! (I am thinking of emails that jump out at you and possibly involve zombies. This is why I shouldn't read so much Stephen King.)