Saturday, 17 September 2011

Reasons I am the soppiest person in the history of the world.

I am so soppy that I can cry just thinking about things that make my cry. For example, right now I could cry by thinking about:
  1. How much I love Jane Eyre
  2. Snape (surely EVERYONE knows what I mean by that and if they don't know then they won't care)
  3. Listening to A Change is Going to come by Sam Cooke (and I mean just thinking about listening to that song, you don't want to see (/hear) me listening to it.) LIsten, see if you can manage without shedding a single tear: 
  4. A tv show I saw once in which a woman searched for her birth mother, only to find that she had advanced Alzheimer's and had no recollection of ever having had a daughter, the woman said "If you said to her the name that she gave me she wouldn't know who I am"
p.s. I just thought to myself "the fly's so long because they were a pair of men's jeans that were made into a flapjack". This is a reason I may soon need some kind of psychiatric help.

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean! You mean skirt! But it's ok to be thinking of flapjacks, really :)