Sunday, 5 October 2014

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the Gilmores of our lives…

SO it's October, huh? Where did that come from? Time, you merciless bastard…..

Anyway... So the internet has gone crazy with Gilmore Girl lists and quizzes and trivia because as of 1st October, the entirety of the Gilmore Girls is on US Netflix. This means that I, the owner of the entire series on DVD, have begun to binge watch as soon as the news came out. It has become my life. Luckily Paul, who claimed it hate GG when it was originally on, seems to be softening and actually enjoying it this time round! This means that I don't need to feel bad about commandeering the TV. Bake off? What Bake off? I really have been watching Gilmore Girls constantly. The other day Paul was out and I didn't want to start the next season without him, and I was trying to think of something else to watch when I suddenly remembered Netflix. This is home Gilmore-obsessed I have become.

I really really love Gilmore Girls. My last couple of weeks have been: Work – Gilmore Girls – Bed – Work – Pub- Gilmore Girls – Bed – Repeat.

However, there has been the odd moment when I've been torn away from the sofa...

These are the things I've been watching/reading/listening to when forced to be be separate from Gilmore Girls:

  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark audiobook from the library. Read by Miriam Margoyles. Brilliant.
  • Fresh Meat on Netflix – This is especially weird when I remembered that my younger brother is closer to this than me.
  • Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth – I've been reading this for a million years and I'm not massively enjoying it. I just can't care about the characters.
  • Letters between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley

Other exciting news from my week:

I made this fox sleepmask from a kit in the September Lucky Dip Club Box:
Fox eyemask from lucky dip club

But, by far the best thing that has happened to me this week is discovering how wonderful it is to get stuff delivered to collection points. Thanks to Amazon Prime trials (yea, I know Amazon is evil, but what can you do?) and the pick-up point that's less than 5 mins from my house, I can order books one day and collect them on my way home from work on the next. It's much better than having to try and collect them from the impossible to find the royal mail collection place or organise redelivery for a day I'll be in.

Here are the books I ordered:

New books
I've already started Pretty Honest and Bad Feminist and they are both Awesome. The whole title for the third book is Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women. Which sounds really interesting. I hadn't heard anything about it but the title alone is awesome and it has tattoo-style cover art.

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