Sunday, 23 June 2013

This week

 this rose is normally white.. 
So this is my attempt at a new and improved blogging me! This going to be a weekly post with a load of stuff I’ve been enjoying/wearing/wanting this week. Wearing is quite ambitious because I never wear clothes exciting enough to be recorded and put on the internet! Perhaps I can manage one interesting outfit a week.

This week I’ve been listening to:

T-Rex. Mostly T-Rex. I watched Billy Elliot for the first time in five or six years and I’d forgotten that most of the songs are T-Rex. This is the best scene from Billy Elliot. I have to insist that all of you dance around naked to I love to Boogie. There are very few things that are as joy-making as jiggling around your bathroom to T-Rex.

I have just discovered Shameless. Yes, that massively well known TV show that’s be around for 10 years and recently ended for good. Luckily it’s all on 4od so I’m working my way through the ELEVEN series.  

Perving over:

Just having that as a subheading is pretty creepy... but it is necessary this week! So the Man of Steel cast were on Graham Norton last week, including, obviously, the star Henry Cavill. I have loved Henry Cavill for about 10 years, ever since he was in I Capture the Castle as Stephen. Beautiful Stephen. I can’t express how much I love I Capture the Castle because I will cry.  Look at the beauty:

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