Monday, 15 February 2016


......from the other side

It’s February, and this is my first post of the year, in fact, this is the first thing I’ve posted since October.  There are a few reasons for my silence, some are good, one is unbearably painful; I moved house, I got a new job, but I also lost a friend in very tragic circumstances. I think you can see that I was dealing with a lot at the end of last year. I decided to give myself time to go through these things, to settle into my new house and my new job, and then I would make plans to start blogging again in a more dedicated way. Last year I was a negligent blogger, I think I think I only managed 16 posts for the entire year. I lacked inspiration and confidence, so I decided to take a break from blogging and think about what I want to do with my blog. That break has ended! Today I am ‘relaunching’ this blog, I have posts planned out for the next month or so and I aim to post twice a week.

Why did I pick now to relaunch? Because I’ve just had my birthday, the day I like to relaunch myself each year, and the day I like to set goals for myself, one of these goals is to become a proper blogger.

I looked back to see if I’d written anything on my birthday last year, but, negligent blogger as I was, I didn’t write anything about my birthday in 2015, so I can’t comment on that. Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions for 2016, I have decided to make birthday resolutions for my 27th year. 

Here’s what I want from 27 (I won’t promise that they are madly exciting):

1)  Get healthier by:
-  Doing exercise at the weekend
-  Drinking less during the week
-  Eating more vegetables and fewer meals based on cheese and potatoes

2) Finish a book a week (either audiobook or actual book)

3)  Watch less TV (helps with 1 and 2)

4)  Make some clothes. I keep buying fabric and patterns, but I don’t make them into clothes, 

5) Buy a house – it all went wrong last year but fingers crossed we’ll pull it off this year.

6) GET A CAT. Getting a cat is my main motivation for 5.

7) Wear awesome outfits every day. I saw a thing on Instagram that said something like, remember that every outfit you put on could end up being your ghost uniform. It has stayed with me. I just like wearing outfits that make me feel awesome.

8)Take more pictures. Paul and I hate having our picture taken and as a result, there are hardly any recent pictures of us. I also want to take more pictures of everyone I love.

9) BLOG MORE! I want to get into a proper routine and connect with other bloggers instead of just sending these posts out into nowhere. 

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