Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ruby Sparks

My copy of August/September issue of BUST arrived yesterday (or maybe the day before) which is obviously awesome, but a little freaky when you’re reading “I’ll start with one of the obvious joys of fall: fashion.” And “Fall is when we begin our slow retreat indoors.” on the hottest day of the year so far. Hey ho. 

I’ll get back to the point (yes, there is a point).

BUST features an interview with Zoe Kazan who has written (and stars in) Ruby Sparks, a film about a novelist (played by Paul Dano WOO) who is suffering from writer’s block and general life frustration when he finds himself completely captivated by a character he has created – Ruby Sparks. A week later he finds her in his home, having been imagined into existence. Weird.  Kazan says: “In romantic comedies, I find there’s a lot of male wish fulfilment that’s subliminal, or subtextual, or not blatently on the surface so they kind of get away with it. I just wanted to put a spotlight on that.” On reading this I instantly went MANICPIXIE DREAM GIRL! Because what is a manic pixie dream girl if not the idealised version of some 30-something male writer? Hopefully this film will be a way to look at the mpdg trope without bashing women who have fringes.

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