Saturday, 11 February 2012

Heart Brooch DIY

DIY: Padded heart brooch

Here is really simple heart brooch I made that seemed a bit februaryish to me. I'm sorry about the groomy pictures, I am too much of a night time person to manage to do this during daylight hours! 

You will need:

Some fabric that's easy to work with -- I'm using a little scrap of polka dot cotton
Something to decorate the heart e.g. sequins, buttons, etc.
A safety pin or badge pin
Thread that matches your fabric
Something to stuff it with

Start off by making a heart template -- it wants to be about 8cm at its widest point. Don’t forget to allow for seam allowance.

Use the template to cut out 2 hearts. Sew the pin onto one heart and then you can decorate the other. I cut a smaller heart out of another fabric and sewed it on, but you could embroider a heart or put sequins on or anything.

Pin the hearts good-sides together (ie. decoration and pin on the inside), sew around the edge using backstitch and leaving a small gap. 

Turn the heart inside out using the small hole you left. Stuff the heart using cotton wool, stuffing or scraps. If using cotton wool or stuffing, make sure you pull it apart a little (so it's like wispy bits of candyfloss) to make sure the finished heart isn't lumpy. Sew up the gap. 

You can leave it like that, or go round the edge in embroidery thread using blanket stitch.


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