Monday, 10 October 2011


In honour of my favourite season I have just hennaed all the mousey brown out of my hair so that it resembles the auburn beauty of an autumn leaf...or as my brother put it “Oh my god! You’re SO GINGER!”

Seriously though, autumn rocks. I still feel that weird bubbly excitement and anticipation as the weather turns from frivolous summer to serious autumn. The anticipation that only grows as it gets cooler and closer! And there’s that special smell to the cold air at night, the smell of excitement and every Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas Eve rolled into one. My mum thinks the smell is some kind of primal thing to warn us that the weather is going to get serious soon so we best get ourselves sorted.

Autumn is clearly the best season here; our summers are always disappointing and winter isn’t very dramatic. With Autumn, on the other hand, you can’t be disappointed.  You expect a chill in the air and rain and when you get them it’s just an excuse to wear a scarf and keep cosy, but if it’s sunny then it feels like a love treat. The colours of autumn are so beautiful, even the light seems to have a special golden quality.

Autumn wants you to spend Sunday afternoons snuggled up with a cat and a costume drama. It’s the time to stop faffing around outside and get started on all the exciting things indoors.

Having said that, is there much better than having a lovely walk in the sunshine, on a cool day, so that your cheeks get pleasantly rosy, and then arriving at a country pub to sit in front of a fire and await the arrival of a giant dinner?

Here's a little autumn playlist to get you feeling nice and autumny. 

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