Friday, 29 April 2011

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The Royal Wedding is tomorrow and I have a battle raging in my head. 
There are three different armies:

Republican (not in the bonkers american way! but in the anti-monarchy way)


I love Prince William! I should be marrying him! I am going to stick pictures of him on my desk! (ie. 13 year old me) 

I realise that you (Laura, my only reader, I am looking at YOU) may be vomiting violently at the third thing on that list. 

I am not into the nauseating worship of the royal family, and I refuse to go along with the lie that they are better than me because of the womb they were grown in. I think that being royal is bloody awful. Even if you rejected royal life, and tried to live as an ordinary member of society, you would still be hounded. The attention that Diana received, and the bizarre obsession Princess Diana inspired in the tabloid press, was what killed her. 
Monarchy can only be acceptable if you believe the most important aspects of your identity and your potential as a human being a set at birth. That it matters more where you came from than where you could end up. As Johann Hari said in his amazing podcast (that you should listen to), we live in a country where no ordinary child can grow up with the dream of one day being the head of state. No matter how hard they work or the amazing things that they achieve, the "top job" will always be out of reach. In real life (as opposed to crazy royal land) it is regarded as discrimination to judge someone on the basis of their race, class, or gender (should add that a male heir would STILL succeed to the throne over their elder sister), so why do we let these things dictate who should be the figurehead for the country?

However, I have always had a soft spot for William - he seems like a good egg (as Mum says) and William and Kate have a genuinely normal relationship (light years away from Charles and Diana's). The romantic in me just wants to see a happy couple say those vows and see the looks on their faces - I don't really care who they are! I don't have bunting and I'm not going to put on a special outfit and toast the happy couple through the telly, I am just going to have a good old nose. 

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